Hot Yoga Projects

Moksha Hot Yoga Studio (The Healing Sanctuary) Los Angeles, CA

  • The Los Angeles Moksha Hot Yoga Studio uses Therma-Ray Radiant Heating SystemsThe Los Angeles Moksha Hot
    Yoga Studio uses Therma-Ray
    Radiant Heating Systems
      Architectural Series (AS), SmartRooms Controller
  • Challenges: 25' ceiling with large skylights, brick walls, Design Temp 95°F. In CA, electric heat cannot be primary heat (building code rule), so a gas furnace was installed, with added humidity and air exchanger. After installation, insulation levels were lowered with a resulting increase in heatloss. 
  • Results: Heatloss estimates were calculated on April 5, panels were ordered May 18 and shipped July 21 as per owner's time line.. Several e-mail and calls were made with the architect, mechanical engineer, electrician and studio owner to confirm the insulation issues and then resolve them as well as how to best blend the various furnace, controls and radiant systems. After some commissioning tweaks, the studio is working as designed and they have ordered again for the expansion of this studio. Product cost only $3.53 per square foot.

Heat Yoga - Maple Grove, MN, USA

  • Product: Architectural Series (AS), SmartRoom Controllers and Distribution Panel
  • Challenges: Power limitations. Could not have air and heat on at same time or the facility would be charged large overages (demand charges) from their power utility. For two rooms. Design temp 105°F .
  • Results: Heatloss with several revisions were done. Panels were ordered Feb 2, shipped Feb 15. The use of the SmartRooms Distribution Panel (SRDP-2) wired to the killswitch allowed for a low voltage signal to be sent to shut the heat relays off when the air was turned on and allow them to turn back on when the air was turned off. The studio is working as designed and the product cost was $8.46 per square foot.

Moksha Yoga East Vancouver, BC, Canada

  • Product:  Architectural Series (AS), Smartrooms Controller
  • Challenges: Single pane windows, over an unheated parking garage. Inside design temperature of 100F.
  • Results: Heatloss estimate was performed on Oct 3 with several insulation options presented to help them make a decision on where best to spend their money. The heatloss was revised Nov 14 once decisions were made, panels were ordered Nov 22 and shipped Nov 29.  An on site visit by plant personnel confirms the studio is working as designed and the client is happy with it's operation and support they received. Product cost was only $6.60 per square foot.

Moksha Yoga - New York, NY

  • Product: Architectural Series (AS), SmartRooms Controller
  • Challenges: This studio is in a very old building that had restricted power, single pane windows, low insulation levels and water baseboard heaters that by law have to provide 70F during the heating season. As much of their electrical as possible had to be converted over to gas to free up breakers for the heating panels. They were not able to upgrade their power entry as it was prohibitively expensive and would have to be done from the road to their electrical room.
  • Results: A custom heatloss calculation was done June 6 allowing for the baseboard to heat to 70°F and the radiant heaters take the room to 100°F. Construction complications required a revised estimate in October, the heaters were ordered the same day and shipped in early November and installed. The baseboards add an unnecessary complexity to this situation as we couldn't guarantee the proper amount of heat nor the uniformity of the heat because there is no control on the baseboard heaters and they were not able to install enough radiant heat as primary heat due to the building restrictions. It was also recommended that they upgrade the windows once budget allowed to reduce the heat loss thereby lowering their operating costs. Design temp 100°F. The studio is working to the owner's satisfaction. Product cost only $5.34 per square foot.

Bikram Yoga Victoria - Victoria, BC, Canada

  • Product:  Architectural Series (AS), SmartRooms Controller and Distribution Panel
  • Challenges: The studio opening date was was not going to be met due to the lack of a timely response from an alternate radiant heating company. The owner approached us, we re-designed the heat loss taking into consideration the studio is over an unheated parking garage. Inside design temperature of 105°F.
  • Results: Custom heatloss calculation done Apr 3, revised for R values Apr 11, ordered April 16 and shipped May 10. They also ordered a custom 25' conduit on each heater to replace the junction box. Using our low voltage system they were able to install quickly and save money on contactors and electrician fees. Studio was able to open on time and on budget, with a product cost of only $5.85 per square foot.

Bikram Yoga Brikell Miami, FL

  • Product: Architectural Series (AS), SmartRooms Controller
  • Challenges: The owner called to solve the heating issue with his 3 month old studio. He had installed a standard HVAC system that could not get the space up to the desired temperature even in this temperate climate. Inside design temperature is 105°F. The space had a low R value rating.
  • Results: A custom heatloss calculation was done June 7, decisions made on options and the heaters ordered July 6 and shipped July 21 and installed. Product only $5 per square foot and a happy customer who is actively promoting our product.