Why is Electric Radiant Heat Less Expensive?

Energy Use of a 24,000 sq ft BuildingEnergy Use of a 24,000 sq ft Building [click to enlarge]A SmartRoom by ThermaRay radiant heating system is 15% less expensive than Hot Water Baseboard, 43% less expensive than Oil Hot Air, 52% less expensive than Heat Pump and 56% less expensive than Hydronic Oil.

The savings continue due to the ease of installation. You will also save time and money utilizing lower cost laborers compared to HVAC and Electrical professionals with our easy installation process.

Will you ever incur a maintenance cost with electric radiant heating?

The costs of maintaining a traditional heating system can be significant. Routine cleaning and maintenance, service calls and the replacement of parts and equipment are both time-consuming, disruptive and expensive.

SmartRoom's products are not built for obsolescence, they are built to last. Our systems are hidden, so they are designed to last. 

We have systems in place for over 30 years that do not require and have not required any maintenance.

Can you say the samething about traditional heating systems? We’ve designed the systems to work in your best interest. You don’t want problems - SmartRooms is designed for years of trouble-free service.

Do we warranty our products? Sure, subject to these warranty terms and conditions, but so does everyone else. The warranty is only as good as the company behind it.

We’ve been in business since 1985. Go with the right product and system design and the company behind it.

Will a Radiant Thermal Heating System Work for Your Project?

Let’s find out together. We’re here to answer your questions, analyze your current heating system design and work with you to recommend the right heating solution for your project.

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